One of the most important investments you will ever make in your lifetime is your house. Whether you are looking to buy a house to move into or want to add a property to your portfolio for some extra income, it always makes sense to buy outright instead of renting. There are of course exceptions in cases where real estate rentals are cheap, but that doesn’t really apply to the greater Los Angeles area. The collapse of the housing bubble as it was called a few years ago, combined with the devastating effects of a global recession left many people uninterested in buying their own homes. Let there be no doubt about it though, this time is just perfect if you are looking to buy homes or commercial real estate. The housing market is on a rebound with some great new homes for sale.

Buying a House in Los Angeles:
Nearly half of all people who rent homes want to purchase a new house. With lower housing prices, saving enough for a down payment is no longer a tough challenge. If you are looking for ahouse for sale, you may want to consider residual property values, taxes, ownership rates, and real estate trends before making a decision. The top parts of the greater Los Angeles area where you should look at a home for sale include Rolling Hills, Hidden Hills, South Pasadena, Palos Verdes Estates, and San Marino. Remember that you don’t have to pay the entire cost of the house upfront. Instead, you only need to make a small down payment that is followed up by a mortgage which includes the rest of the payment. When considering a purchase, remember that sometimes bigger is better. You can always rent out a room or two, or even the living space above your garage for extra income and lower the total cost of living in a large home. Be sure to stay open to all options and never be afraid to ask questions.

Tips to Get Started:
When you start looking at homes, it is perfectly normal to fall in love with one or more cheap houses for sale. Remember not to get carried away and jump in to the first good deal you see. First, talk to a lender or find one through a realtor. This will help you throughout the property purchasing process. You will also learn your estimated monthly payments and other expenses like the amount due for tax, insurance, and moving costs. This may help you narrow down choices and look at homes that fall within a specific budget. Once you are through this step, you should start working with a real estate agent who has the local contacts and knowledge to get you an off market price for great value. Lastly, remember to take a good look at the location and commuting distance and time required to and from work. You should also factor in area schools and the traffic flow through your neighborhood.